An integrated marketing strategy that has seen Lemon Lumba shake up its marketplace.

Lemon Lumba creates stunning and long-lasting Oak-frame building kits created from the highest quality oak.

As part of their new business strategy, Lemon Lumba was looking for a digital marketing agency that they could partner with that could help them elevate their business by providing market analysis, a user-led website that would resonate with their target customers, and a digital marketing campaign that will generate sustainable leads.

A bespoke website, SEO and PPC that has seen significant growth for Lemon Lumba.

Our paid, creative and SEO teams collaborated to create an integrated strategy to generate sustainable website enquiries that would evolve as the business grows.

Yearly Growth

In lead value in 6 months

Conversion rates from Google Ads marketing

Month on month growth from social ads

The solution.

Our paid, creative and SEO teams collaborated to create an integrated strategy to generate sustainable website enquiries that would evolve as the business grows.

Once we completed our digital discovery, we took all of the insights and data we gained to create a unique digital strategy that led the way in targeting customers at the right time, on the right channels, and in the most effective way to deliver sustainable results.

Paid Media

We implemented a highly targeted Google Ads strategy across the UK. Using behavioural science as the foundation of the campaigns, we have been able to maximise the budgets in the areas most likely to see the best return on investment for Lemon Lumba.

Throughout the lifecycle of the campaigns, we have gained user-based insights that have allowed us to focus on the specific touch points that generate the most conversions. This has ensured we pushed audiences to these via our paid media campaign.


Our approach to the SEO campaigns included extensive keyword research and the creation and optimisation of new and existing website landing pages, which provided rock-solid foundations for the ongoing SEO campaigns.

We created and implemented a systematic link-building and content marketing campaign to get their websites crawled and ranked by the search engines for the most competitive terms in their industry.

Bespoke website

Using the data and analysis from our discovery, we developed a bespoke content-managed website on WordPress. This ensured that the website was based on tangible user insights so that the conversion rates were as high as possible and the creative resonated with the target audiences.

We continually evaluate the customer journey by leveraging human insights to behavioural data to optimise the path to conversion. As part of the ongoing CRO, we adapt landing pages, on-page assets and marketing campaigns to ensure each visitor is funnelled towards a conversion.

We're a specialist marketing agency.

We are a leading digital marketing and design agency in the UK that specialises in collaborating with businesses involved in or working alongside construction and home improvement companies.

As a specialist marketing agency for the construction industry, we not only understand your marketplace and customers; we live and breathe it. 

This means we can leverage years of experience, knowledge and learnings and then use this advantage to accelerate your business growth.